April 11

Will my anonymity be maintained?


We regularly record meetings for replays, transcriptions and to use in future programs. By attending, you are acknowledging that you’ve been made aware of this.

If it is fairly simple to do when editing, names will be removed or altered. We can’t guarantee this will happen, so it’s up to you to take measures to maintain your anonymity if it’s important to you.

Here’s a few suggestions…

  • You may turn off your video feed. Depending on the device you’re on, you’ll find a video camera icon. Clicking on that image will turn off/on your video.
  • The recording will not show your name but the live video will. You can join the meeting using an alias if desired. Do you have a favorite cartoon character? You can use that name when you’re joining the meeting. Watch this short video. [s3vpp id=17decc38a8472807e32adc0bfd7bebf4]
  • The meeting invitation included a call-in number. You are welcome to call-in rather than use the video link.
  • We do encourage that you watch the meeting online if possible. You will be more engaged. So, taking a few minutes to make any adjustments that will add to your comfort level will be beneficial.

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