Living with Someone That is  Struggling with Addiction?

You May Feel Like You're Going Crazy

"Whether It's Your Spouse, Son, Daughter or Another Loved One, We Can Help!"

Read This Entire Page Closely...

There are Three Things You NEED to Know About Addiction...
Especially if You're Living with An Addict!

First - YOU'RE NOT GOING CRAZY. The Addict in Your Life May Be Lying (Even if...Especially if...They're Assuring You They're Not).

A person drowning in the throes of addiction will do or say ANYTHING to maintain their habit - including gaslighting (which makes you think you really ARE going crazy), misdirection, deflecting the blame or other forms of intense psychological manipulation. They're that desperate!

Second - It's NOT YOUR FAULT.

You didn't cause it...even if that's what your loved one is trying to make you believe. And, you can't control other people or their behavior. You can only control yourself and your actions/reactions. That means you CANNOT allow yourself to feel guilt or shame about someone else's problems...even if you love that person.

Lastly - But Certainly Not Least...

Hope just ISN'T ENOUGH to combat addiction. YOU must decide that "enough is enough," and make a conscious decision to take control of the situation. There's nothing wrong with being hopeful, but you must back up that hope with ACTION.

And you need to understand...

Addiction is NOT an Affliction You Can Reverse with a Simple, Staged, "Intervention" Like You've Probably Seen on "Reality" Television.

It’s a POWERFUL hijacking of the brain’s reward and survival centers. There may be times when your loved one feels that he or she will LITERALLY DIE if they don’t give in, as the brain has been rewired to depend on that addiction for survival.

Fighting addiction can be a very complicated process. You WON’T find success in the latest fad book touting another ineffective, potentially unsafe “cure.”

You WON’T find success by listening to so-called “gurus” who have never actually had to battle addiction on behalf of their clients, or in their personal lives.

Listening to the uninformed advice from family and friends may only ruin your relationships with your friends and family. And, the situation isn't going to improve.

We get it—you’ve tried everything you could think of. It’s not that you were doing anything wrong, you just need to do something different.

Save Yourself A LOT of Anguish by Seeking Professional Help.
Things Will Only Get Worse
if You Lack the Knowledge to
Cut Off Addiction's Fuel Supply.

We don’t say this to scare you. We want you to know that there is action you can take that will make a difference.

What do you do if you can't control your loved one's behavior AND It's causing damage in your life every day that it goes unchecked? 

So, if you can't control the addict AND it's causing you have a lot at stake!

You're a Recovery Stakeholder!

Fortunately, there’s SOMETHING you can do—TODAY—that can EASILY and EFFECTIVELY spark the healing process for both you AND your loved one battling addiction.

The Solution is the...
ReachYES Stakeholder Support Program

A Comprehensive Coaching and Training Program to Support the Family Member or Friend of an Addict

We’re experts in the field of addiction. With over 35 years of combined experience, we've battled addiction with our clients AND in our personal lives MANY, MANY times. We know what we're dealing with. A battle - that’s what having a loved one suffering from addiction in your life feels like, doesn’t it? A never ending war?

We've Navigated This Battlefield. We Understand How Addiction Fights. We've Experienced the Collateral Damage Addiction Leaves in Its Wake. And, Most Important... 
We Can Show You How to
DEFEAT Addiction.

With the ReachYES Support Program...
You and Your Loved One
Won't Have to Fight Addiction Alone.
You Will Finally Have the Tools You Need to
Win the War on Addiction.

The ReachYES Stakeholder Support Program costs just $147/month - about the cost of a single counseling session. But, an hour with a counselor just isn't enough. You need 10 times the support...and that's what you'll get when you join ReachYES.

The ReachYES Stakeholder Support Program includes:

Facilitated Stakeholder Only Support Group Meetings - Access our online support groups—facilitated by a professional addiction recovery coach. Attend from ANYWHERE on the device of your choosing. Location and timing is NOT an issue with the ReachYES Stakeholder Support Group meetings.

Daily "Check-in" and Inspiration - As you experience life’s challenges including the accompanying drama and trauma, you cut off your feelings. So much so that you almost can’t recognize them. With our convenient process for daily check-in, you’ll have the support you need to focus some much needed energy on your own healing. 

In-depth Stakeholder Education - We’re going to give you the informational foundation you need to effectively help your loved one...and yourself. You HAVE to understand the profound nuances of addiction to win this battle, and we’ll give you everything you need to know.

On-Demand Coaching and Support (15-Minute Laser Sessions) - The road to recovery is much faster and smoother when there’s someone in your corner rooting for your success. We’ll answer all of your questions and alleviate your concerns with “laser precision,” right when you need it.

All this support...
information, insight and inspiration...
is yours as a member of the
ReachYES Stakeholder Support Program
for just $147/month!

In the ReachYES Stakeholder Support Program, We Give You the Tools You Need to Succeed. 

We Will Show You How to Use Them. We Will Teach You How to Heal.

Let's Take a Deeper Look at
How We'll Help You and
Your Loved One
Suffering From Addiction...

Setting Boundaries - Are you afraid or confused about setting boundaries with the addict you're living with?

In the ReachYES program, we focus HEAVILY on avoiding the common traps and pitfalls in boundary setting.

Jack and Jill (not their real names) came to us confused and scared about setting a boundary with their grown son whose struggles with substance abuse had escalated to full blown addiction. With our education and coaching, they finally set and held a boundary that forced their son out of their home and into a sober living environment. He has since turned his life around and is THRIVING.

It's Critical to Set Boundaries
Knowing That They WILL Be Challenged.
We Can help You Learn How to
Keep Yourself...and Your Loved One...
Accountable to the Boundaries You Set.

Understanding the Problem - Are you relying on advice from friends and family or (an often WORSE alternative) reading books to self-educate about addiction?

Sue (not her real name) was told by her husband's counselor at a treatment center — following his time there dealing with alcoholism—to read a book on co-dependence to prepare herself for her husband's return home.

However, the book was filled with fluff and “feel good” advice, leaving her totally unprepared to deal with the issues that they’ve faced as her husband has struggled to maintain sobriety.

Sue voiced her relief as the education and coaching she's getting had provided her with the insight and understanding she sorely lacked to face the issues that even someone who has been through treatment continues to deal with.

As a ReachYES Stakeholder Member,
We've Supported Her As She's Come to Understand Addiction Through the
Focused Education and Professional Advice Included with Her Member Benefits.

Igniting Change - If you're hoping for a miracle or waiting for your loved one to "wake up," you need to STOP waiting for "the call" and become the change you want to see.

Mary (not her real name) suspected for MONTHS that something wasn't right with her husband. She allowed herself to be lied to repeatedly until stumbling upon the undeniable evidence. ONLY after he was backed into a corner did her addict husband FINALLY admit his problem and embrace recovery.

Mary's biggest regret? That she didn’t have access to a supportive professional who could have helped her understand what she was truly dealing with much sooner. Change didn't happen until she took action for her own well-being.

As a ReachYES Stakeholder Member,
She Could Have
Dealt with the Problem with Confidence...
Even in the "Early Suspicion Phase."

Who We Are and
Why We Are The Ones to Turn to
When You're Living with an Addict...

Dr. Gala Gorman and Charlie Frangos are coaches and published authors who focus on creating programs and tools that provide information, insight, inspiration and practical techniques for people dealing with addiction. They take a holistic approach to their work with people living with an addict … whether they’re living with someone in active addiction or well down the road to recovery.

Their approach is significantly different than what you will get with traditional recovery programs or support groups - it will help you get results more quickly while focusing on improving your quality of life and maintaining your own well-being.

A Bit About Their Credentials and Experience...

Dr. Gala Gorman

Doctorate Degree and Holistic Recovery Coach

  • Advanced degrees in human development and ministry
  • Holistic life coach specializing in facilitating the change process
  • Published author of the Spiritual Approach™ series of books focused on practical spirituality
  • Adult child of an alcoholic and has survived a number of failed relationships with men that struggled with addiction
  • Recovering codependent (one of the most challenging of addictions) and committed to providing information, insight and inspiration for her fellow codependents

Charlie Frangos

Masters Degree  and Holistic Recovery Coach

  • Advanced degree in Mental Health Counseling
  • LPC-MHSP (licensed professional counselor in South Carolina and Tennessee)
  • CSAT® (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist)
  •  Specializes in healing trauma as Rapid Resolution Therapy® and EMDR practitioner
  • Daring Way® facilitator (based on the work of Brene' Brown)
  • Recovered addict and is committed to helping cut the learning curve for anyone else who is struggling with addiction
  • Recovery stakeholder as the father of two grown sons who have struggled with addiction

When you put your trust in two people to give you the information for such an important aspect of your overall well-being, you want to know more about them as people, as well. Here are a few ...

Fun facts about Dr. Gala and Charlie...

  • Charlie is an avid tennis player and coached the Duke University women’s tennis team in the early 80s.
  • Dr. Gala is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and was the managing partner in a prominent accounting firm until "retiring" in 1997.
  • Charlie is a second generation Greek American. His grandparents (all four of them!) were Greek immigrants.
  • Dr. Gala loves romantic comedies and has seen The American President at least a dozen times … hoping that Janie’s clone will apply for a job as her personal assistant.

Dr. Gala Gorman and Charlie Frangos are uniquely qualified to help you understand what it takes to live with an addict! Not only do they have the personal experience to help you understand addiction as stakeholders themselves, but they also have the professional training and credentials to provide effective advice for those going through the recovery process.

Dr. Gala and Charlie have
helped 100s of Recovery Stakeholders just like YOU
restore peace and sanity from the wreckage caused by addiction!


Join today and experience all that the ReachYES Program has to offer for a full 10 days. If, for any reason, you don't feel that the Program is going to provide the support you need to deal with this problem, just contact us and we'll cancel your membership AND refund your initial payment. You already have a lot at stake if you're living with an addict. We want to ease your mind. Give the Program a try. You've got nothing to lose!

ReachYES Stakeholder Support Program

A Comprehensive Coaching and Training Program to Support the Family Member or Friend of an Addict

Don't Wait. Start TODAY. 
Don't Let Addiction Steal One More Day of Your Peace and Sanity.