If You're Living with an addict,

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family of an addict

Are You
Living with An Addict?

The chaos that consumes the lives of addicts can leave YOU feeling helpless. And, even when your loved one finds their way to recovery, there will be a wake of destruction behind them.

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definition of addiction

Is It Just a Phase or
Are You Addicted?

If you find yourself repeating a behavior to the point of causing physical damage, you’re dealing with a compulsive or addictive behavior. A few of the most common addictions... 

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addiction couselors

Are You An
Addictions Counselor?

If you’re committed to working with addicts and their families, we know you “have a heart” for this problem. And, you may have first-hand experience with addiction yourself. Many of us do!

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Do all addicts relapse? The quick answer is “no.” But that doesn’t come close to answering a question with so many variables. The better question… What happens if…or when…your loved one in recovery relapses? Let’s start with what qualifies as a “relapse.” Using a wide angle lens, someone in recovery has relapsed when they [...]

Most people think that addiction is just a string of bad to worse choices. And, for the people living with the addict, it feels personal. Can’t they see the damage they’re causing? What if I told you that choosing to abuse the behavior or substance isn’t even in the top 3 causes of addiction? [...]

It is well known that the lack of a strong community is a primary reason for failure in long-term recovery programs. Having a strong community is not only good, but also essential to achieving success. In The View from Rat Park by Bruce K. Alexander, this necessity is emphasized with real empirical research. Johann [...]

If you’re living with an addict and have never struggled with a compulsive behavior or addiction yourself, it defies logic to witness someone destroying their life by making one seemingly bad choice after another. Why can’t (won’t) they just stop?! It feels personal. Can’t they see the damage they’re causing? At some point, the [...]