Are You An Addictions Counselor?

If you’re an addictions counselor committed to working with addicts and their families, we know you have a heart for this problem. And, you may have first-hand experience with addiction yourself. Many of us do!addiction counselor

Whether you work in a treatment center, private practice setting or are working with addicts in some other setting, you know how important it is to involve the family in the healing process. You may already be doing this through joint counseling sessions or special short-term programs.

But, is it enough?

Typically, the options for family members seeking help to develop skills to deal with their own issues related to addiction are limited. Finding the right support, and enough of it is a real challenge.

As one of our clients shared, When my husband left treatment, his counselor suggested
I read a book on codependence and attend 12-Step meetings. I was ill prepared to deal
with the emotional roller coaster we were on. I know I didn’t make it any easier for my
husband to sustain his recovery.

If your suggestion to the family members of clients in early recovery is similar, it’s not because you don’t care or recognize the importance of healing the family system. We know your options are limited.

ReachYES Stakeholder Support ProgramThat’s why we created the ReachYES Stakeholder Support Program. It provides the information, insight and inspiration, along with support that makes the recovery journey easier for all involved. And, it’s delivered virtually so it’s available wherever and whenever the stakeholder’s schedule allows.

Building a new life in recovery can be daunting for both the client and their family members. You want to know you’ve done all you can to right the family system.

Referring your clients to the ReachYES program can bring you some peace of mind. You can provide the family members of your clients with a way to get cost-effective education and support.

Register now to receive your unique tracking link for the clients you’ve referred into the program. You’ll be able to follow along if you’d like.


Your recommendation is the highest form of compliment and we know you’ll be glad you referred the family and friends of your clients to us.