Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Leads to Addiction (Video Education)

Even events that we wouldn’t consider life-altering can result in trauma. Post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, keeps us trapped in a loop re-experiencing the traumatic event as if it was happening in the present. In this educational video related to addiction, Dr. Gala Gorman provides some examples of circumstances that might lead to PTSD. It’s also important to note that, for many, PTSD fuels the development of addiction. A Swedish study concluded in 2011 found that children who were exposed to what we refer to as “Little t” trama were twice as likely to develop drug addiction.

Children aged under 15 years who experience second-hand an extraordinary traumatic event (such as a parent or sibling being assaulted, diagnosed with cancer or dying) appear to have approximately twice the risk of developing adrugusedisorderthan those who do not.Study Details

Fortunately, post traumatic stress disorder can be treated. Trained professionals use techniques to access the memory and restructure the brain’s storage of it…effectively eliminating the PTSD response. If you or someone you know is experiencing the symptoms of PTSD, reach out for help. We can provide some guidance to help you find a skilled trauma specialist in your area.

Dr. Gala Gorman

Dr. Gala Gorman holds advanced degrees in human development, is a holistic life coach, and published author of the Spiritual Approach™ series of books focused on practical spirituality. She co-founded RecoverYES to support the specific needs of people dealing with addiction.