December 10

0001: Codependence and Addiction – How to Stop Codependency

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The stakeholder relationship is really important. Once you understand what it is, you will see it at work in many situations. As a recovery stakeholder, you have a stake in your loved ones’ recovery. You have a stake in seeing recovery stick. So, we coined the term recovery stakeholder. It seemed appropriate and most people that we have talked to that are in this boat agree. The important thing to recognize is that it is a slippery slope for a stakeholder to become codependent with the person that they are in relationship with.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [01:36] -She talks about how she can see now that she enabled him as he was growing up . . . just trying to be a good mom that wanted life to be a little easier for her son.
  • [02:13] -Aware Appreciation.
  • [04:28] -Are you still scratching your head a bit? Wondering, what a recovery stakeholder is? And, even if you are one? Let’s start with defining recovery stakeholders.
  • [09:34] -Make sure that you are not enabling the addict and prolonging the inevitable.
  • [10:54] -Whatever your relationship is with that person, at a certain point, they have to take responsibility for the issue.
  • [15:38] -Sometimes, the only thing we can do is to just confront the craziness that we are in the middle of and say, “That is the addiction talking.”
  • [16:45] -I am feeling torn. I hadn’t heard from my son in over a week. He texted me yesterday and, once again, blamed my husband and I for what’s going on in his life.

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