December 23

0002: Understanding the Addicted Brain

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In this episode, Dr. Gala helps you understand how addiction really works and what it’s trying to accomplish. If you are a recovery stakeholder, you’ll be challenged to think differently as we dig deeper into ways that we can outsmart addiction. It is helpful to see addiction … not really as an enemy but rather … as a friend. And, it has served the addict well but its usefulness has come to an end.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [01:03] -Now, Johann Hari is definitely a recovery stakeholder. He had a number of family members that had struggled with addiction and it caused him to launch into several years of intense researching around the war on drugs.
  • [03:40] -Aware Appreciation.
  • [05:57] -If you’re dealing with a loved one that is struggling with addiction, it is understandable that you would be cynical. Nothing you’ve done has made a difference . . . yet . . . What do we mean by outsmarting addiction?
  • [11:16] -Addiction is just a symptom of an underlying cause. Maybe you’ve started putting that together from what I’m sharing with you here today.
  • [11:52] -The addict brain is pretty smart but we are smarter. We can see what is happening and why it is happening
  • [12:47] -That is why I’m sharing with you a little bit of information to help you understand how addiction really works and what it’s trying to accomplish.
  • [13:43] -I am so upset and need advice. My son is in jail for stealing a car.

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