March 9

0013: How to Flip the Disadvantage of Addiction – Benefits of Gratitude

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There is tremendous value in expressing appreciation, especially when you do it with regularity. As a Recovery Stakeholder, you are living through a challenging situation. If you’re feeling like the world you live in is just too stressful to find things to appreciate, you’re not alone … and you have an even greater need to practice. Let’s find the motivation and learn how to do it to get the most benefit from it.

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In this episode, you will:

  • Learn why Aware Appreciation is a beneficial practice
  • Appreciate the positives in their lives, big and small
  • Interrupt negative thinking with appreciation and move past negative emotions

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Time Stamped Show Notes

You can listen to the Episode right here on the RecoverYES site Using the Player Below.
(Click the time stamp … if available … to jump directly to that point in the episode.)

  • [01:43] -This article was on and it talks about the family’s experience. The person writing the piece is a lawyer.
  • [05:42] -Aware Appreciation.
  • [07:57] -Why do I take a couple of minutes in each episode to lead you through a mindfulness practice that ends with Aware Appreciation? There is tremendous value in expressing appreciation …
  • [08:30] -As a Recovery Stakeholder, you would be totally justified in finding things to criticize and complain about regularly.
  • [12:09] -I’m sure you’re thinking “Geez! Dr. Gala, I’m already practicing appreciation. What more do you want me to do?”
  • [14:14] -All I can say is just try it. Go get a copy of the Aware Appreciation Quick Start Guide at Do it right now. Don’t delay.
  • [15:36] -My daughter got arrested last night. Her boyfriend is trying to contact me … I assume for help bailing her out. I think she’s better off in jail.

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