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0019: Recognize the Warning Signs – How Stress Effects Your Health
How can you deal with stress that isn’t likely to go away any time soon? If you’re living with an[...]
0018: Dealing with Emotional Pain for a Healthier, Happier You
When you experience an emotional upset – when you’re triggered emotionally, how do you typically react? Do you fight back[...]
0017: What Families of Addicts Need to Know About Guilt and Shame in Addiction Recovery
When you have an experience that is unpleasant, do you find yourself looking for something or someone to blame for[...]
0016: What Causes Relapse and How to Prevent It
Why doesn’t change stick? It defies logic that an addict would muscle their way to sobriety only to fall back[...]
0015: Making a Change – How Bad Habits and Addictions are Stopped
It is helpful to understand the stages of change so that you can recognize them … for yourself and others.[...]
0014: How to Deal with Denial – What Addicts and Their Families Need to Know
As Recovery Stakeholders, you know that denial is not unique to someone struggling with addiction. Stakeholders also experience denial …[...]
0013: How to Flip the Disadvantage of Addiction – Benefits of Gratitude
There is tremendous value in expressing appreciation, especially when you do it with regularity. As a Recovery Stakeholder, you are[...]
0012: Twelve-Step Group Support for Family Members of Addicts
Many Recovery Stakeholders have attended 12-step meetings to show support for the recovery process. While this can be an eye-opener,[...]
0011: Helpful Tips for Families of Addicts to Understand Addiction
In this episode of Recovery ReLOVution, we’re going to challenge you to focus on your own healing. It’s not just[...]
0010: Building Healthy Relationships with an Addict – Active or in Recovery
If you use shame to try to motivate your loved one to make a change, it’s going to backfire. Are[...]

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